Corporate Profile

Eastern Investments Limited(EIL) ,is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC),was incorporated in the year ,1927.It was nationalized by the Government of India through the Bird & Company Ltd.(Acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking and other Properties) Act ,1980 (Act. No: 67 of 1980) in the year 1980 and it became a PSU w.e.f 19th March, 2010. EIL is listed at CSE.EIL is holding company of The Orissa Minerals Development Company Limited and The Bisra Stone Lime Company Limited. EIL has become a subsidiary of RINL on 5th January, 2011. The paid-up capital of the company Rs. 1.44 crores consisting of 14, 44,387 shares of Rs. 10 each. The revenue of EIL is mainly from dividend income from OMDC and interest on term deposits. As on 31th March, 2016, the net worth of EIL is Rs.269.12(Crores) provisional.